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Mortar Utama offers special products as solutions for garage areas. Designed to provide a flatter floor appearance, especially for exposed floors, and as an adhesive for large slab ceramic products. This product has the advantage of beautifying and strengthening your garage floor with long-lasting results

Garage Products

MU-445 Heavy Duty Floor

MU-445 Heavy Duty Floor is the perfect mortar for leveling...


MU-485 PowerFix

MU-485 PowerFix is ​​an instant mortar which is intended for...


MU 700 Floor Hardener

This instant mortar is a solution that can be directly...


Buy Garage Area Mortar: A Trusted Solution for Your Garage Area

The garage is an important part of your home that needs proper protection and maintenance. Mortar Utama is here as a trusted solution to meet the construction and maintenance needs of your garage area.

Buy the most complete and trusted garage area mortar at Mortar Utama

With the most complete product selection and trusted reputation, Mortar Utama is the best place to get garage area mortar. We provide various types of mortar specifically designed to increase the strength, beauty and durability of your garage floor. With Prime Mortar, you can be sure of getting the best results for your garage area.

Types of Garage Area Mortar Available in the Latest Mortar Utama 2024

  1. MU 485 PowerFix
  2. MU 445 Heavy Duty Floor
  3. MU 700 Floor Hardener

What is Garage Area Mortar?

Garage area mortar is a mixture of construction materials used to repair, beautify, and protect garage floors from various damages and environmental influences.

Benefits of Using Mortar for Garage Areas

  • Repairing Floor Surfaces:
    Mortar can be used to level and repair damaged or uneven floor surfaces.
  • Resistant to Heavy Loads:
    Mortar has enough strength to withstand heavy loads of vehicles and equipment in the garage.
  • Protection from Extreme Weather:
    Mortar protects the garage floor from the effects of extreme weather such as heat, rain and snow.
  • Enhances Aesthetics:
    Mortar is available in a variety of colors and textures that can enhance the aesthetics of your garage.
  • Easy to Maintain:
    Mortared garage floors are easier to clean and maintain.

How to Care and Maintain Mortar for Garage Areas

Here are five ways to properly care for garage area mortar:

  1. Clean regularly.
  2. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the mortar surface.
  3. Repair cracks or damage as soon as they are detected.
  4. Keep the garage floor dry and free from standing water.

Advantages of Buying Garage Area Mortar at Mortar Utama

Get the advantage of using garage area mortar from Mortar Utama. Contact us now to get the best quality products to protect and beautify your garage floor!


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