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Mortar Utama products are specifically designed as solutions to meet the interior needs of homes or buildings. Carefully designed, this product will help you get a smooth, quality and sturdy wall surface at the same time. With Prime Mortar, you can create aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting interiors with stunning finishes.

Interior Products

MU-100 Premium Plaster

Instant mortar for plastering work on walls that can be...


MU-301 PlasterPlus

MU-301 PlasterPlus is an instant mortar for red brickwork, red...


MU-380 Thinbed Max

MU-380 Thinbed Max is a ready-to-use mortar specifically designed as...


MU-400 GranitFix

MU-400 GranitFix is ​​a very strong adhesive for granite tiles...


MU-408 PowerBathroom

MU-408 PowerBathroom Instant mortar, ceramic grout filler specifically for wet...


MU-408 ColorFill

MU-408 ColorFill is a ready-to-use mortar specifically designed for ceramic...


MU-410 & MU-L410 Self Leveling floor (Underlayment)

MU-410 Self Levelling Floor (Underlayment) are instant mortar as floor...


MU-420 CeraFix

MU-420 CeraFix is ​​a ready-to-use mortar used as an adhesive...


MU-440 Floor Screed

This instant mortar is a practical solution for you. In...


MU-443 IndoorBase Floor

This instant mortar is a specially designed solution for screed...


MU-475 GranitFix PLUS

Instant mortar for ceramic & granite installation work tile (homogeneous...


Buy Interior Area Mortar: Residential Building Solutions for Interior Areas

In building a comfortable and aesthetic residence, choosing the right construction materials for interior areas is very important. Mortar Utama is here as a trusted solution to meet your needs in building and maintaining the interior area of ​​a house or building.

Find the most complete and trusted interior area mortar at Mortar Utama

Mortar Utama is the main choice in providing various types of mortar specifically for interior areas. With a trusted reputation and commitment to quality, we provide the most complete interior mortar products to ensure your construction needs are met properly in building your dream home and dream building.

Types of Interior Area Mortar Available in the Latest Mortar Utama 2024

  1. MU 400 GranitFix
  2. MU 475 GranitFix Plus
  3. MU 440 Floor Screed
  4. MU 443 IndoBase Floor
  5. MU-410 & MU-L410 Self Leveling floor (Underlayment)
  6. MU 408 ColorFill
  7. MU 480 PowerBathroom
  8. MU 420 CeraFix
  9. MU 380 ThinBedMax
  10. MU 301 PlasterPlus
  11. MU 100 Premium Plaster


What is an Interior Area?

The interior area is the inside of a building which includes spaces inside the house or building, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and so on. Choosing the right construction materials for interior areas is very important to create an environment that looks attractive but is also comfortable to live in and use optimally.

Benefits of Using Mortar for Interior Areas

  • Smooth Surface:
    Interior mortar provides a smooth, even finish, creating a charming appearance indoors.
  • Durable:
    Mortar is designed to be durable and sturdy, maintaining the beauty of interior spaces over time.
  • Attractive Aesthetics:
    With a wide choice of colors and textures, interior mortar can enhance the aesthetics of a room according to your taste and decorating style.
  • Easy to Clean:
    The interior mortar surface is easy to clean and maintain, keeping the indoor environment clean and healthy.
  • Additional Protection:
    Interior mortar provides an additional layer of protection for interior walls and surfaces, reducing the risk of damage from moisture and weather.

How to Care and Maintain Mortar for Interior Areas

  1. Clean regularly with a soft broom or soft cloth.
  2. Use the cleaner recommended for the type of interior mortar you are using.
  3. Avoid excessive use of the area to prevent wear and damage.
  4. Repair cracks or damage as soon as they are detected.
  5. Keep the interior environment dry and avoid excessive humidity.

Advantages of Buying Interior Area Mortar at Mortar Utama

Get the benefits of the best interior mortar collection with guaranteed quality only at Mortar Utama. Contact us now for consultations and product orders, and create a beautiful and comfortable home or building interior with our quality products!

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