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Flooring Solution

Flooring Solution

Discover the best floor leveling solution from Mortar Utama for your parking lots, garages, and outdoor areas. Our products are specifically designed to provide the high compressive strength required for certain areas. By using our floor leveling solution, you can create a smooth, strong, and durable floor surface.

Product Flooring Solution

MU-410 & MU-L410 Self Leveling floor (Underlayment)

MU-410 Self Levelling Floor (Underlayment) are instant mortar as floor...


MU-440 Floor Screed

This instant mortar is a practical solution for you. In...


MU-443 IndoorBase Floor

This instant mortar is a specially designed solution for screed...


MU-445 Heavy Duty Floor

MU-445 Heavy Duty Floor is the perfect mortar for leveling...


MU 700 Floor Hardener

This instant mortar is a solution that can be directly...


Buy Quality Floor Leveling Mortar for Your Prime Construction

Building a flat and sturdy floor is a crucial step in ensuring quality construction. Mortar Utama is here to provide high-quality floor leveling mortar solutions that will make your construction project a success.

Buy the Most Comprehensive and Reliable Floor Leveling Mortar at Mortar Utama

Mortar Utama is the best place to find all your floor leveling mortar needs. With a trusted reputation and a commitment to quality, we offer a variety of the best floor leveling mortar options that will perfectly meet your construction needs.

Types of Floor Leveling Mortar Available at the Latest 2024 Mortar Utama

  1. MU 410
  2. MU 440
  3. MU 443
  4. MU 445
  5. MU 700

What is Floor Leveling Mortar?

Floor leveling mortar is a mixture used to level the floor surface before installing ceramics, tiles, or other types of flooring. This mortar helps create a flat and strong surface, ensuring high-quality flooring installation.

5 Benefits of Using Floor Leveling Mortar

  1. Makes the floor flat and free from surface imperfections.
  2. Increases the floor’s resistance to loads and pressures.
  3. Speeds up the flooring installation process with a prepared surface.
  4. Reduces the risk of cracks or detachment of the floor due to an uneven surface.
  5. Ensures an aesthetic and high-quality final result.

Use of Floor Leveling Mortar in Construction

A. Preparation and Cementing of New Floors:
Floor leveling mortar is used to level the surface of new floors before installing main floor materials.

B. Repair and Cementing of Existing Floors:
Floor leveling mortar can also be used to repair and level existing floors before installing new flooring.

C. Application of Floor Leveling Mortar on Various Types of Floors:
Floor leveling mortar can be used on various types of floors including ceramics, tiles, natural stones, and other floor materials to create a flat and sturdy surface.

Quality and Sustainability Improvements in the Floor Leveling Mortar Industry

Mortar Utama is committed to continually improving the quality and sustainability of the floor leveling mortar industry. We continuously innovate and develop products to ensure that we always provide high-quality products that meet modern construction needs.

Advantages of Buying Floor Leveling Mortar at Mortar Utama

Make Mortar Utama your partner in every construction project. Get high-quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive prices only at Mortar Utama. Contact us now and start your project with confidence in satisfying results.

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