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Tile Fixing Solution

Tile Fixing Solution

Discover the best tile fixing solution from Mortar Utama available for various areas. Our products are specially designed to maintain the adhesion of tiles to substrates, prevent leaks, and ensure optimal floor durability. By using high-quality tile adhesive solutions, we provide answers to all your needs. Achieve sturdy and long-lasting results for your home and building requirements.

Product Tile Fixing Solution

MU-400 GranitFix

MU-400 GranitFix is ​​a very strong adhesive for granite tiles...


MU-408 PowerBathroom

MU-408 PowerBathroom Instant mortar, ceramic grout filler specifically for wet...


MU-408 ColorFill

MU-408 ColorFill is a ready-to-use mortar specifically designed for ceramic...


MU-408 PowerPool

MU-408 PowerPool is an instant grout filler mortar specifically designed...


MU-420 CeraFix

MU-420 CeraFix is ​​a ready-to-use mortar used as an adhesive...


MU-460 PoolFix White

White instant mortar for installation work on special ceramics for...


MU-475 GranitFix PLUS

Instant mortar for ceramic & granite installation work tile (homogeneous...


MU-480 RenoFix LowDust

MU-480 RenoFix LowDust is an instant mortar for ceramic adhesives...


MU-480 RenoFix

MU-480 RenoFix is designed for installing ceramic or homogeneous tiles...


MU-485 PowerFix

MU-485 PowerFix is ​​an instant mortar which is intended for...


MU-490 RapidFix Flex

MU-490 RapidFix Flex is an instant mortar for installing ceramics,...


Weberepox Easy

Weberepox easy is a two-component epoxy-based grout filler with a...


Top-Quality Tile Fixing Mortar for Your Prime Constructions

Mortar Utama is here to make it happen by providing high-quality tile fixing mortar. With Mortar Utama, you can have floors with maximum adhesion.

Comprehensive and Reliable Tile Fixing Mortar Sales at Mortar Utama

Mortar Utama is the trusted source for all your tile fixing mortar needs. We offer a wide range of top-notch products with proven reliability. From floors to walls, Mortar Utama is a reliable partner in every stage of your project.

Latest 2024 Tile Fixing Types Available at Mortar Utama

  1. MU 400
  2. MU 420
  3. MU 460
  4. MU 475
  5. MU 480
  6. MU 480 LD

What Is tile Fixing Mortar?

Tile fixing mortar is specially formulated for tile installation on various substrates, whether for floor surfaces, walls, or specific areas such as swimming pools and bathrooms. This mortar provides strong and durable adhesion, making it the top choice to facilitate your residential and building projects.

5 Benefits of Using Tile Fixing Mortar

  1. Strong adhesion for long-lasting installations.
  2. Resistant to moisture, maintaining the beauty and robustness of tiles.
  3. Ensures tiles remain flat and well-installed.
  4. Minimizes the risk of cracking or detachment of tiles from the surface.
  5. Extends the life of tiles and ensures the beauty of floors and walls.

Uses of Tile Fixing Mortar in Various Applications

A. Installation of Ceramic Floor Tiles
Tile fixing mortar is widely used for ceramic floor tile installation due to its high strength and load-bearing capacity. When applying ceramic floor tiles, it’s important to use the right mortar to ensure the stability and durability of tiles against pressure and movement.

B. Installation of Granite Tiles
Granite tiles have heavier weights and require strong and durable tile adhesive mortar for installation. tile adhesive mortar specially designed for granite tiles typically has enhanced formulas to handle heavy loads and ensure optimal bond strength.

C. Installation of Tiles Over Tiles
Tile fixing mortar can also be used for installing tiles over existing tiles. This process allows for renovations or repairs with more cost and time efficiency than replacing the entire floor. The right adhesive mortar must be selected to ensure the new tiles adhere strongly and evenly to the existing surface.

Quality Improvement and Sustainability in the Tile Fixing Mortar Industry

Mortar Utama is committed to continuously improving the quality and sustainability in the tile fixing mortar industry. We continue to develop new formulations and implement best practices to ensure our products meet the highest standards.

Advantages of Purchasing Tile Fixing Mortar at Mortar Utama

Discover the advantages of shopping at Mortar Utama, where you can find high-quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. Make Mortar Utama your partner in every construction project for sturdy and beautiful results.

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