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Our Services

Mortar Utama comes with comprehensive and quality services to meet construction needs, both residential and commercial. With a variety of products and solutions available, we are determined to be a trusted partner in every step of building your home and building.

Our commitment to excellence and convenience is reflected in every product and service offered. Our technical support is ready to assist you in choosing a product that suits your needs, while our consistent product quality will provide satisfying and long-lasting results. From the foundation to the final finish, Premier Mortar is here to ensure that your home is built to the highest quality.

Technical Support

The technical consulting services provided by Mortar Utama assist customers in finding solutions to technical problems, such as product specifications and appropriate application methods.

Job Automation System (JAS)

We also understand that residential and commercial development needs have their own special challenges and requirements. Therefore, we have a suitable solution for every type of project, be it residential or commercial.

About Mortar Utama

PT Cipta Mortar Utama is a pioneering national company that manufactures ready-to-use mortar using modern technology. Our commitment extends beyond product quality to environmental sustainability. This commitment is evident from our distributed work across Indonesia, where 7 out of 10 environmentally friendly buildings (green buildings) in Indonesia use materials from Mortar Utama.

As part of the global community of the Saint-Gobain Group, we continually develop innovative solutions to fulfill the vision and mission of Saint-Gobain itself, “Making The World a Better Home”. We believe that successful businesses must be socially and environmentally responsible, and we strive to achieve this through every aspect of our operations.

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