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MU-440 Floor Screed

Deskripsi Produk

This instant mortar is a practical solution for you. In 40 Kg package, this mortar is designed to provide ease of application. The recommended water requirement is approximately 6.0 to 6.5 liters per 40 Kg bag, ensuring the mortar mixture has the right consistency for the desired application. This mortar also has a spreading capacity of approximately ± 1.2 m² per 40 Kg bag with an application thickness of about 20 mm, ensuring wide coverage and efficient usage.

With a specially designed formulation, this instant mortar provides a quick and effective solution for various floor leveling needs and preparation before ceramic installation. With its fast working capability and consistent results, this mortar is the suitable choice for construction projects that require speed and precision in execution.

MU-440 Floor Screed

Deskripsi Produk

Feature & Benefit
  1. Able to withstand heavy loads on the floor surface.
  2. Excellent for use as flooring work with ceramic tiles.
  3. Can be applied on concrete floor surfaces already coated with MU-L500 AcryBond (Acrylic Mortar & Concrete Adhesive).
  4. Also applicable on sufficiently compacted soil surfaces.
  5. Elastic when applied.
  6. Can utilize Silo System for better productivity.
Area Pemasangan
  1. Prepare the working area & surface to be covered with mortar.
  2. Clean the area from dirt & oil, then dampen the bottom surface with water.
  3. Can be applied on soil surfaces, but ensure the surface has been compacted and leveled. Then cover with backfill sand as the base for the working floor.
  4. nstall sufficient guidelines for the height & straightness of the working surface.

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