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MU-443 IndoorBase Floor

Deskripsi Produk

This instant mortar is a specially designed solution for screed work in indoor areas or floors with open finishing, with compressive strength equivalent to K-175. With its self-compacting formulation, this mortar allows floor leveling work to be done faster and easier. Its special formula ensures that floor leveling work can be completed with high efficiency while still producing a smooth and even surface, meeting the expected standards.

This instant mortar provides advantages in terms of fast working ability and consistent final results. With compressive strength equivalent to K-175, this mortar is suitable for various indoor construction projects that require strong and smooth floor surfaces.

MU-443 IndoorBase Floor

Deskripsi Produk

Feature & Benefit
  1. Easy to flow and apply.
  2. Smooth surface, resistant to friction, and can be applied starting from a thickness of 20 mm.
  3. Compressive strength equivalent to K-175.
  4. Suitable for bare finish applications in indoor areas.
Area Pemasangan

Preparation of the application area (substrate).

  • Soil surface that is sufficiently level and compact.
  • Concrete floor surface previously coated with MU-L500 AcryBond & MU-600 DryShield.

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