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MU 700 Floor Hardener

Deskripsi Produk

This instant mortar is a solution that can be directly added to the concrete surface to enhance resistance to abrasion and inhibit the formation of dust that can be disruptive. Made with cement, selected sand, and homogeneously mixed additives, it is designed to provide additional protection to concrete surfaces vulnerable to abrasion and dust.

This mortar is suitable for areas with intense activities and prone to abrasion. It provides additional protection that can extend the life of concrete and reduce dust problems that often disrupt the work environment and health.

MU 700 Floor Hardener

Deskripsi Produk

Feature & Benefit
  1. High resistance to abrasion.
  2. Reduces dust on the surface.
  3. Floors become non-slip and can be used in wet areas.
  4. Suitable for warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, showrooms, and others.
Area Pemasangan
  1.  Newly poured concrete floor surface (not yet dry).
  2. Newly applied MU-445 HeavyDuty Floor surface (not yet dry).

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