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MU L500 AcryBond

Deskripsi Produk

MU L500 AcryBond is an innovative adhesive solution used to bond old concrete and mortar surfaces with new concrete and mortar. Made with superior acrylic materials, MU L500 AcryBond not only bonds strongly but also provides a sturdy primer layer on concrete and mortar substrates.

The main advantage of MU L500 AcryBond is its ability to be used both in exterior and interior areas. With its versatile capability and proven quality, MU L500 AcryBond is the perfect choice for your construction projects.

MU L500 AcryBond

Deskripsi Produk

Feature & Benefit
  1. Ready to use and easy to apply with a brush or roller.
  2. High adhesive strength, can be applied on cementitious substrate.
  3. Can be applied as a slurry or non-slurry adhesive material.
  4. Forms a layer with high flexibility (elongation).
  5. Reduces porosity on the substrate surface to achieve ideal hydration conditions.
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